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Nine categories were extracted, including blaming the victim of violence, discrediting female accusations of violence, stigma of prostitution, social concept of Marianism, objectification of the female body, myth of female hysteria, myth of maternal love, sexual and reproductive rights, demerit the relevance of female representativeness, among other subjects. It has been found that chauvinism and misogyny are social reproductions engendered regardless of gender; whereas the demands on female behavior are mostly associated with an accusatory tone, with responsibilities reversed; that there is still the view that women do not have emancipatory capacity to achieve their successes and that, thus, they must take hold of what man has achieved from his privileges; that sexist attitudes are detrimental to society as a whole and not only to women and; Thus, most of society still does not understand the relevance of female representativeness in the various spaces.

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This commentary brings geopolitical economic sensibilities about sexual difference, possession, and the Machine into conversation with Lewis' cyborgic uterine to make three analytical points. First, transcalar uterine thinking has long First, transcalar uterine thinking has long existed, seasoned by geopolitical economic circumstance. Uterine thinking in nonmechanized agrarian contexts has circulated primarily through imaginaries of maternal fertility, the material expanse of which exceeds the limits of biological mother and child.

The Machine gained authority over the agrarian by feeding off, and replacing, the maternal, of which the uterine is only part. By addressing geopolitical economic difference, Lewis's analysis would be enriched by an abundance of gestational thinking that operates beyond the Machinic cyborg. My second and related analytical point has to do with how Lewis locates the uterine as a gestational prize that anyone should be able to have; as long as the uterus remains rooted in sexual dimorphism, the male-born body is potentially unfree. Thus, even as she speaks of how gestation need not be contained by a real uterus, she considers its absence in the biological male body a source of potential deprivation that, for freedom's sake, would best be undone.

This undoing would limit the geographical possibilities for queering the maternal. My third point emerges out of the second and has to do with how unconscious desire has historically geographically depended on sexual dimorphism, not the uterus. I'm not sure, but it seems that the interiorized cast of Lewis' cyborgic uterine makes it difficult to theorize relational attachments-her 'holding and letting go'. The concept of governmentality and of the subjective consciousness, in combination provides the opportunity to study the constituency of contemporary neoliberal practices, such as the sexual practices of the non-normative categories as we understand them; thereby creating categories within the subaltern understanding as well.

Operating with the metonymic understanding of the gender and sexuality based marginality as the sexual subaltern, this paper aims to renegotiate the Foucauldian perspective of the relationship between the state and the subject, through studying the historical deviance of individuality manifest in the sexual subaltern, through narratives collected from the field. Catering for sex, sexual, and gender diversity: An exploratory study on the effects of LGBTI awareness training on aged care staff in Tasmania, Australia. Awareness training for aged care staff forms a crucial part of this Strategy, but the impact Awareness training for aged care staff forms a crucial part of this Strategy, but the impact of such educational programs are yet to be examined.

In this article, we examine the effects of LGBTI awareness training on staff working in an Australian aged care facility.

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These staff perceived the awareness training as valuable, but the outcomes from it were limited. Therefore, we indicate changes that are necessary to support the translation of training into practice.

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White passing? Seeing myself in my own light. The aim of the panel was to The aim of the panel was to create a space for QTPOC to share their experiences at the University of Delaware, a predominantly white institution. When only one person showed up, QTPOC students from the class decided to share their experiences on the panel.

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Alyssa, a Colombian, Puerto Rican, and Italian cis 1 bisexual person, said that she "looked white" when one of the students not on the panel, a white cis gay male, raised his hand and suggested that Alyssa was "white passing. Malcolm observed Alyssa's struggle with finding the right term and intervened; he stated that "white assumed" 3 is a more accurate term than white passing because white passing infers that Alyssa is trying to pass as white, whereas "white assumed" focuses on the assumption being made about her. Malcolm, a black and Jewish trans person, explained that he is not trying to pass as masculine, rather, he is masculine assumed.

Malcolm is committed, he says, to 1 Cis refers to cisgender. This term describes people whose gender identity corresponds with the social expectations of their sex assigned at birth. Homophobia and the effect of social stigma on the AIDS crisis. Pourquoi chassait-on les sorcières? De quoi avait-on peur? Comment expliquer le renouveau de la figure de la sorcière à notre époque? Maxime Gelly-Perbellini, historien, spécialiste de la figure de la sorcière Une discussion animée par un journaliste du Point, partenaire du Festival des idées Paris.

Abstract: The past decade for the Pakistani Transgender community has been pivotal to their legal recognition and legal consciousness. This dissertation aims to focus on whether or not the socio economic position of the Khawaja Siras in Pakistan has improved since this ruling. This includes policies included to facilitate social welfare, employability, tolerance and security.

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Epistemological reasoning as opposed to positivism was chosen as an approach to methodology in order to fill in the gaps in literature. Focus group discussions and a separate interview were conducted in order to unravel whether or not efforts made by the government had proven to be viable and effective solution to the given problems of the Khawaja Siras in Pakistan. The process of thematic analysis was used to extract themes to aid in the analysis of the research to marry with the literature review. In conclusion, after much assessment, the research question was answered and governmental policy was not effective in solving the socio economic problems of the Transgender community in Pakistan.

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