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Browse Instagram content with Picpanzee. Maracaibo Edo. Please refer to previous posts for more details!! Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexic After cleaning all preparations with chlorhexidine, it was time to try in these beauties and decide what shade of cement to use. It was a perfect adaptation, so next step was Isolation with rubber dam. Btw, we chose milky bright Choice 2 from bisco.

Aprovecho de decir: que después que limpio todas las preparaciones con clorhexidina, hago la prueba en boca de las carillas. Utilizo pasta de prueba de choice2 , en casos así, hago la comparación entre Translucido y MilkyBright. Aquí nos decidimos por el Milky. Gracias a Dios, a mi, al ceramista Ruben y a Daniel Freites el tomo la Impre , las carillas adaptaron perfectoooooo! Una vez listo este paso, limpio las carillas, hago el procedimiento de preparación adhesiva a las mismas y DESPUÉS el aislamiento absoluto a las preparaciones hoy día el aislamiento me toma 15 min siempre con ayuda de mi asistente OBVIO.

Santiago de Cali. Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep Cada proyecto es distinto y muchos factores influyen en las tarifas de traducción, como, por ejemplo: la complejidad del texto de origen, el formato de archivo, la fecha y hora límite de entrega, etc. Un traductor puede tener una moneda de preferencia distinta. Resumen de KudoZ. Muestra de traducción Medical: Pharmaceuticals. Please be aware that your message will potentially be read by TM-Town staff and spam messages will be filtered.

Click or start typing to see a list of fields. JavaScript is currently disabled in your browser. TM-Town works best with JavaScript enabled. Idioma nativo: Vietnamese. Hola, mi nombre es Nguyen Hien Quality First. What do scientists think was the reason for the increase in esophageal cancer among the Bantu? They used too much caffeine and nicotine B.

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They drank too much tea and red wine C. Sorghum became a larger part of their diet D. They began smoking and drinking alcohol. What did scientists observe about the native teas they collected in the Carribean? They protected people from insects B. They caused tumours to grow in lab animals C. They were related botanically to sorghum D.

They were also found among the Bantu 5. When did the scientists begin to look for causes of esophageal cancer in Curacao and the Caribbean? PASSAGE 2: Measles Measles is an extremely contagious, febrile disease of high morbidity characterized by rash and catarrhal inflammation of the eyes and respiratory tract. It is principally a benign disease of childhood, but may afflict with equal frequency persons of any age not previously attacked by the virus.

It is a disease of cosmopolitan distribution, endemic in all but isolated populations. It may occur at any time of the year, but most outbreaks are in late winter and early spring, with a peak at the end of April. Morbidity and mortality rates do not appear to be influenced by sex or race.

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Case fatality rates are highest in children less than five years of age, and are also relatively high in the aged. Congenital infection has occurred. There is no evidence that the virus may vary in virulence in nature. Because measles rarely induces fatal disease, it is evident that fatalities attributable to measles may vary in incidence according to the prevalence of bacterial pathogens and the resistance of the population to their presence. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Measles occurs in only a few countries. Adults do not usually have measles. Measles rarely causes fever. Measles is not a contagious disease. Which of the following statements is NOT true? Measles is endemic in all populations except isolated ones. Measles is principally a benign disease of childhood.

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Measles never occurs in summer. Rash, inflammation of the eyes, etc. According to the text, measles is a disease of children because: A. Fatalities caused by measles may vary in incidence A. It is used to treat certain types of cancer and inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis… 7. Opportunistic disease may be caused by microbes that are ordinarily in contact with the host.

Infection with most pathogens does not result in death of the host. Certain agents cannot be cultured, for example Treponema pallidum and most viruses.

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Between and pandemics diseases are said to have caused the population of Mexico to fall from 20 million to 3 million. There is nothing that stops the baby from getting whatever the mother has in her body. The best advice it is to not use any alcohol or drugs while pregnant. There is no safe time to take any drugs or alcohol during pregnancy.

It is best if you eat healthy foods, get plenty of sleep, and see a doctor regularly if you are pregnant. As of January , the Joint United milk. In alone, AIDS claimed an estimated 2. Common examples are tuberculosis, pneumonia and candidiasis.

Furthermore, only 0. Again, this proportion is even lower in rural health facilities.

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This is why it can take months to seroconvert and test positive. A hundred years ago a doctor had to recall all his experience and use his judgment to diagnose what was wrong with a patient. Quite often he would be right, but sometimes he would make mistakes. First, he looks at the patient for any visible symptoms such as skin, fingernails or eye discoloration, or to observe his posture or the way he moves.

Then he asks the patient to describe his own problems.

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  • For example, if there is any pain, what kind and where it is. The doctor can usually make a good guess at this stage. However, for further confirmation he might physically examine the patient. This includes checking the pulse, examining the eyes and the tongue, the skin to see if it is dry , checking how the patient breathes, measuring the temperature and the blood pressure etc. This will confirm his prognosis. Diagnosis is becoming better all the time because of new methods and machines.

    Computers have made a big difference in diagnosis. They, now, can store a lot of information about the patient, and can even suggest suitable lines of treatment. We also have new kinds of endoscopes which enable us to look inside the body and electronic sensors; therefore, getting rid of a lot of guesswork. Medical Machines B. Computers and Diagnosis C.

    Diagnosis D. Stages of Diagnosis 2. Modern doctors do not make mistakes in diagnosis. Modern doctors do not need to use their judgement because of many good machines. Modern doctors are less likely to make mistakes in diagnosis than old-time physicians. Old-time doctors were less likely to make mistakes in diagnosis because of their experience. It can be very scary for the patient. Luckily, asthma and its effects are reversible with medication.

    Asthma attacks are the periods when symptoms suddenly become worse.